Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I am just a mom who is doing her best to reduce the impact of production waste and environmental toxins on her son and on the planet.  I do this by cloth diapering and carefully researching the ingredients in the detergents I use on those diapers; making my own organic baby food and breastfeeding; buying toys, bottles and dishware made of wood, stainless steel and glass with non-toxic finishes (wood toys and glass bottles, not vice versa!); using organic, non-toxic soaps, lotions and ointments as often as possible; cleaning toys and household surfaces with earth- and lung-friendly substances like vinegar and hydrogen peroxide; and by obtaining needed or wanted plastic items secondhand, usually on Freecycle or Craigslist.  Jem is my son, and though like most babies he suffers from the occasional diaper rash and tummy troubles, he has otherwise been healthy as a horse so far. He's never even had a real cold (knock on wood). I like to think that is at least in part to the effort his father and I have made to keep our home as non-toxic as possible while still allowing him to have enough exposure to germs to build up his little immune system.

This blog is a place for me to review my favorite baby-friendly products.  It is NOT an attempt to put down mothers and fathers who choose to do things differently than my husband and I.  We understand that other people have to make different choices based on their own circumstances, and we fully support those choices.  I will never make judgmental statements about other parenting decisions in this blog.  As far as I'm concerned, all parents who love their children and are determined to do the best they can by them deserve one anothers' full support.  We're all in this together!


  1. Hi there Alicia. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a lovely comment. I'm also trying hard to be as green as I can - within my means and without driving myself insane. You have a great blog with lots of tips on how to go green. Love it. And thanks for putting me on your blogroll. Have a great week ahead.

  2. Thank you, you have a lovely week as well!