Monday, June 27, 2011

Link List: Green Parenting "Groupon" Type Sites

Hopefully the title of today's post is self-explanatory!  Going green doesn't have to cost a fortune. I have gotten (or been very tempted to get) some great, steeply discounted green products from the following websites:

~ - I just ordered an extremely cute set of stainless steel child's cereal bowls from this site today for 40% off (originally sold at the Life Without Plastic Boutique)... great alternative to plastic bowls.
~ - recent purchases: voucher for Tegu Toys and some new fitted cloth dipes to try

~ - not a completely green site per se but they do feature a ton of eco-friendly and reusable products, especially cloth dipes!
~ - Also not a green site per se, but they're definitely in there. Lots of cloth diapering accessories and such!

More green stuff for everyone, not just the mamas and babies! :-)

I'll post more as I find out about them.  Please feel free to comment with any that you know of!  :-) Happy green bargain hunting!


  1. Thank you for posting these Fantastic Green Resources. I was not aware there were so many Green Deal Sites.

  2. You're very welcome Kelly! I just checked out your blog and your most recent post made me smile. My husband and I love Mickey too! Good luck planning the birthday party!