Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tidy Tidy, Swishy Swashy, Kissy Kissy!

I need to clean up this blog! I mean, I've known that since I started it, you have to have a good design, right? And I definitely do not. I'm torn between wanting to get creative and try to do it myself (see if I could actually make the image in my head a reality) and having someone do it for me. The problem is I'm cheap, and it's not as if I'm making a profit from this blog to begin with! :-) Oh, I could do the ad thing, but I'm not quite sure I want to take that step...advice from other mama bloggers would be most welcome! Even if you don't have your own blog, I'm definitely open to ideas about blog design from anyone!

In other news, I do believe I have picked an HE washing machine. I'm planning to go with the most updated version of the GE Profile Harmony. It's kind of a leap of faith, since it's gotten rave reviews but they're all very recent reviews from very new users. We will be getting a two year warranty with the machine. I'm thinking we should buy an extended warranty but hubby isn't sure we should cough up so much extra money for it (it is a lot of money to begin with). Thoughts? Experiences? I'm new to this HE machine thing, so I'd love some advice! I know I've been asking for tips more lately than I've been giving them, but it seems when buying a house you start to figure out just how much you don't know!

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, but I apparently blew Turn-it-Off Tuesday today (it helps when you actually keep track of the days of the week, which for some reason my mommy brain finds increasingly difficult), so tomorrow will be my computer-free day. Therefore I shall leave you with the photo you would have received tomorrow (and I believe this means all you email subscribers will actually receive this photo on Wednesday for a change!) It's an older one, but a goodie! Jem was quite a little guy in this photo.  :-)  I think Blue is blushing...

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all!


  1. You know, the background you're using now was the same exact background I used when I first started my blog. Then I went for free templates from sites like Shabby Blogs and My Style. Then when things got a little messy, I cleared up the background for a clean look now. One that I can highlight my header and the other things on my blog. Here's the link to where I got tips on how to do my header - that is if you like that kind of style. It is surprisingly so easy to do and I'm cheap too and will not be bothered with paying someone to design my blog. The link:

  2. Hi there, I know what you mean I look around on the web and found some tips on how to change my header etc. I took some of my own piccies and them played with them in picasso and added my own writing to it. I also played around with the different style sin the design section of blogspot. I am rather happy with the result. Good luck. Also LOVE the photo. xx